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After separation, the most common issue dealt with immediately after is finances. If you are wondering if you can get post separation support, get in touch with Anderson Law Firm today. I have assisted clients with negotiating financial support and other aspects that come along with legal separation. Simply reach out to my firm, schedule a consultation, and an experienced legal professional will evaluate your situation. If you are in the Rock Hill, SC, area, call now!

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What Does Legal Separation Entail?

In South Carolina, legal separation is not recognized. Separation simply implies that you and your spouse are no longer living together. Even if you are legally separated, you will still be considered married in the state of South Carolina.

Family courts in the state issue orders of separate maintenance and support, which involves aspects such as visitation, post separation support, child custody, marital debts, and more. Want to know more? Get in touch with my firm! I am happy to answer any questions or concerns.

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