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Equitable distribution, or property division, is the process of dividing rights and obligations between spouses during a divorce. Property division can be stated and negotiated by creating a divorce settlement agreement or with the assistance of the court. South Carolina is an equitable distribution state, meaning only the property acquired in the duration of the marriage is subject to division. If you are seeking legal assistance with divorce mediation and property division in Rock Hill, SC, or the surrounding areas, call my firm today.

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Is Divorce Mediation Required in South Carolina?

In almost all counties in South Carolina, you are required mediation in family court cases. You are not required to settle your case during, but you must participate in the process with the intention to find a resolution for your case.

Mediation is the process of resolving issues without having to deal with a lengthy trial in court. Mediation is often successful in successfully resolving issues involving child support, custody, property division, alimony, etc. Once both parties have come to an agreement, it is put into writing and is sent to the family court for approval.

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